Spots, more spots, and skirts

april 012april 013Nothing excitingly retro or vintage to report this week, but blimey, it’s like a monochrome Damien Hirst painting around here at the moment. Solving my current footwear crisis – the old green Hunters expired, and I have been left with no properly waterproof shoes at all – my appeal to the Usual Shop was answered: my mother found a pair of brand-new spotty wellies in my size for a couple of quid at a (car) boot sale. I would not have chosen such a pattern myself, but beggars – or skint students – cannot be choosers, and whilst these are only cheapo ones from Asda, they’re a damn sight more comfortable than the very expensive pair of brown leather-lined, leather-effect top-of-the-range Hunters I do still also have (a corporate ‘gift’ in a previous working life), but which rub my heels raw every time I do more than mooch around for a few steps in the mud. Yes, I do know that other wellington brands are available… and no, Lucy, you can’t have these, at least until I find a plain pair. Much worn for many miles already, hence the filth on them in this photo.

Other gains in the last week have come courtesy of two friends’ clear-outs. Two black cotton trenchcoats – both with polka dot linings! – from C; I think one of them (with the larger black on white spots, Dorothy Perkins) was mine in the first place a couple of years ago, and the other (small spots, Matalan, and a perfect fit on Lucy, to whom it has departed) she bought with me at a jumble one afternoon. Both were rather familiar, anyway. Dotty P mac: to go in the bag for the next clothes-swap. And from Maria, a knee-length denim skirt with neat little tucks and pleats (Motel); new to me, along with several other skirts which had been mine in the first place, so I won’t document them again even though I’m pleased to have a certain black corduroy one back. Not pictured: a few jumpers and cardigans from C and M, already rehomed. I am, this week, the conduit for the ongoing flow of swaps but also the point of return. Roll on the next clothes-swap party (Sarah M!) so I can redress the balance and pass more things on to new homes, and all left unclaimed after this will make a final departure from my house to a charity shop or the fabric recycling bin…

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One thought on “Spots, more spots, and skirts

  1. maria on said:

    Excellent welly find. my £3 shoezone wellies are still going strong 10 years after they were purchased and have seen me safely through many a muddy festival while friends cursed at their Hunters for being uncomfortable or not grippy enough – a common complaint it seems. Should you ever happen across a pair of bright yellow fishermans wellies on your travels i would v much like you to snap(per-arf!) them up for me. particularly if they have drawstring tops….whatever happened to those Dunlop staples of my childhood….

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