cornflower crockery

The glazed clay mini-bowls my mother gave me earlier in the year [bottom of that post] didn’t last very long – perils of a very hot kitchen tap plus a hard stone worktop  but never fear, there were more where those came from. I like these because they very nearly perfectly match the blue on my favourite mug, the two-tone blue-green one (Ikea) – which I retrieved (stole) from my office when I was made redundant. It had been ‘my’ everyday mug whilst working, continues to fulfill that task, and no, I don’t feel in any way guilty for taking it. The Pantone mugs [behind] are as yet surviving, anyway, though we’re down now to just one of the cream stoneware mugs (2009) and one of the green Italian set with paisley-style pattern, which actually pre-dates Usual Shop confessionals, as do the green and yellow Habitat set.

Finally for this set of updates, another oddment from my mother. Only a little addition, but I present these things to concede that old habits are starting to catch up on me after such a sustained period of self-discipline (I blame my genes and the generational legacy of coming from a long line of hoarders) – and in the knowledge that some more substantial ‘inherited’ items may well be following shortly…

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