Small and sheepish

IMG_0125Excuse the electrical cables and generally un-styled nature of this photo (what d’ya think this is, Instagram?). Quick post to show a small sheepskin rug found by my mother (source unspecified; I suspect the YMCA stall at the Hove tip), to replace those I gave away to C when we moved. Not that I regret giving those particular rugs [here and here, in the context of the Former Living Room] away: not only were they ancient, moulting and distinctly de-woolled in places, after C’s dog ran in from our garden having done a massive sloppy poo & sat on them rubbing its bum, I didn’t particularly want to keep ’em. Dog owners appear to be less fussy over such matters… Of course, cats are an *entirely* different proposition, and the black & white one which frequently visits us now has taken quite a liking to this new one. Which my mother swears she has washed.

The cheeseplant (and its sister) is one and the same as in the Former [Brighton] Living Room [seen here, 2009]; the coffee table from Margate has found its home here; and remember that French fabric? Still some links from the old place.

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