Back to Brighton

So yes, we finally moved, and a little boast: everything fitted into a Renault Trafic (high-roofed, long-wheelbase Ford Transit-sized), which gives some indication of just how much stuff we got rid of. Well, not quite everything went in that journey, in that I had to make another trip back to Brighton for a van-load solely comprised of books, and another car-trip for final bits and bobs plus some plants is imminent, but anyway… In keeping with the downsizing efforts, and out of the sheer horror of ever having to move my possessions – and a van-load of books in particular – again, I have thus been unusually quiet in terms of Usual Shopping. Spotted a couple of issues of Granta missing from my collection in the window of Oxfam Books in Kensington Gardens on a day-trip back to Brighton, however, and on that same trip my mother gave me a striped T-shirt. Net result of the on-going unpacking and resettling is still more items out than in, nonetheless. Items pictured here are on New Wooden Floor, not nearly as nice as the one left behind, it has to be said (cheap pine boarding painted pale grey, albeit serving very effectively as an extra false floor over a layer of thick rubber sound-proofing; we’re in a flat now), and on a coffee sack salvaged from Caravan in Granary Square, Kings’ Cross, ‘cos I threw most of our old rugs away before we left.

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