Eleventh-hour Ercol


Well, we couldn’t possibly move to the New Place without* any Ercol chairs, could we? Must create the right impression with the neighbours when we unload the van! And it might take me a while to suss out sources of cheap mid-century-ish furniture in North London… This dark brown Windsor pair (stamped 1979) marks my final Usual Shop purchase of 2016, and my final purchase in Brighton before we leave town. New Year’s Eve, a trip to the Hove tip in Old Shoreham Road to offload yet more rubbish, and I knew I had to take a look at the stuff reclaimed by the YMCA. They’re quite tatty, but solid (more so than the rather rickety and wobbly 3 I ended up selling in the summer) and cost a very reasonable £20 for the pair. I might paint them, anyway. So, it’s the last night before we move: see you on the other side when I begin to start again and collect anew (but not too much) for the New Place.

*OK, I’ve not counted the other pair of Ercol chairs I’ve got on the boat, have I, but that’s a whole other story… And I have returned my granny’s chairs – borrowed after the clear-out before the house sale fell through the first time – to reunite her set, at least (and I don’t think they were actually Ercol, anyway: though very similar, if you see them together, they’re wider at the top than the classic Windsor. They were also much heavier and, it has to be said, less elegant).

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