Gift, appropriated


Lucy lost out on this one: bought this leather wallet at Brighton Marina car boot sale to give to her for Christmas, but then my own tore, so… Wouldn’t normally go for these colours – it’s bright pink on the outside – but at £1, I’m not complaining. Also sneaking into the house that day: big-knit black Cos scarf, also £1.


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2 thoughts on “Gift, appropriated

  1. :(
    Hopefully its replacement will be equally as nice! x

    • The Driver on said:

      I’d better get looking, then… We can notch up Usual Shopping success from our Shoreham charity shop expedition on Saturday, anyway, at least on your part. Or success on my part in terms of not buying anything and merely Usual Shopping by proxy.
      PS while I have your attention (!) – did you manage to get that big reel of bubble-wrap from your mum? Would be v useful as I am starting to pack.

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