Bargain blues

img_1531I’ve written before about how I couldn’t bring myself to buy new Boden – too Tory, for my liking –  but am not too proud/over-principled if it turns up secondhand; so very nice well-cut denim shirt, £3 from a charity shop cycling mission to Shoreham with the girls. My only purchase that day, I’m pleased to note (the other two had more impressive hauls). However, L did give me the blue bedspread (seen here below the shirt) when we stopped at hers on the way home. And I’ve since given it back to her.


img_1634Other recent blue finds: two pairs of dark blue Levis for D, as-new and a ridiculous 20p each from a jumble sale in Brighton (yes, I’ve been tempted back to a couple of jumbles, but have been restrained). They fitted him perfectly, though he’s not entirely convinced about giving up his skinny jeans in favour of this slightly more dad-like cut just yet. Sadly, the Levis shirt in the same batch turned out to be a. far too small and b. bleach-spotted, but that’s the way it goes with jumbles: a good ol’ mix of trash and treasure. I did also get a whole load of new-ish Converse and Fred Perry sneakers at this jumble, but since I managed to promptly distribute them to friends, friends’ sons, etc, no need for a picture and I can pretend that I’m really not collecting much again.

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