Home staging, second time around

june 1

The moving house update: so I sold almost everything non-essential, packed up three car-loads of books and lifted them to my granny’s spare bedroom for interim storage, destroyed the decades-old Ikea Billy bookshelves with an axe (no way were they moving with us again, and were discoloured with age anyway), made innumerable trips to the tip, carted bagfuls of things to charity shops, and gave away more car-loads of things to visiting friends, who have effectively plundered my wardrobe, cupboards and kitchen shelves of 14 years’-worth of collecting over the time we’ve lived here. We were ready to leave, awaiting the exchange, with just a few oddments on their way to a friend’s garage, and then… Chain collapsed below us, buyers pulled out. Good job the council hadn’t yet come to pick up the old sofa as planned.

Having sold my own Ercol chairs, I have borrowed these two off my granny so we have something to sit on again. Oh well, they go with the table, one of the few things we’re keeping. This black chair used to be at my desk (now given to Maria); and the cushions are made from some Ikea fabric I found last year. And in order to make the house look hospitable again now it’s back on the market, I raided my mother’s attic for a few bits and pieces to make it all look a little less stark and semi-abandoned; these Habitat candlesticks were a long-forgotten find and a beige rug (not pictured) at least covers up the worn carpet in the attic. My granny donated some placemats, and luckily I hadn’t given all the plants away, though C is baby-sitting my huge cheeseplants, among others.

I believe this is called home-staging, and what with the bookcases, records  and odd bits of furniture all gone, the place is looking quite impressively large and airy, at least – even more so than when I cleaned it all up and decluttered first time around for the viewings back before Easter. There’s something to be said for this minimalism thing… A lesson learned, perhaps, for the new place. When (if) we finally get there.

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