Passing through

april 5And two more 50p-each finds from the Brighton Marina car boot sale which passed through my hands only briefly: spotted dress, a very nicely-made one to a vintage style but too short, both in overall length and in depth to the waist, and a bit big; and a button-through corduroy skirt, again a bit short for my liking (Lucy liked it, though). More things out! In the meantime, I did another car boot stall myself in Lewes, sold another car-load of things, and the thinning out continues. I am now down to selling the rugs off the floor and cushions off the chairs, plates off the shelves and, almost quite literally, giving away the clothes off my back.

As the Impending House Sale and Relocation saga wears on, it appears that aside from clothes (of which I now have relatively few), other household contents will have to be stored for an interim period. What do I want to keep so badly that I’m prepared to pay for it to be packed away somewhere, or to box it up and move it twice? Not much, I’m thinking. (Brighton-based) Usual Shop friends: there will be two leather sofas up for grabs (one seen here), and a wooden kitchen unit/dresser (seen to the left here), although the desks and chest of drawers have already been earmarked… About all I plan to keep, furniture-wise, is the Parker Knoll armchair, the three Ercol ‘Quaker’ dining chairs, and the drop-leaf table.

Incidentally, looking at some of these photos, it is quite striking just how many of the things – furniture, soft furnishings, miscellaneous decor details and items seen lying around – have now gone (I’ve even sold this guitar, which appears in many of the photos), and how the ‘look’ of the house evolved over the years. Remind me to take some photos before we leave.

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One thought on “Passing through

  1. Getting rid of belongings is a great stress reliever :)


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