Back in business

april 6So I’ve been a bit quiet on the Usual Shopping front lately – indeed, this year so far. The Impending House Move and Relocation has made me question exactly how much stuff we want to pack up and take with us; we have embarked upon a comprehensive clearing-out and thinning-out of everything accumulated in the near-14 years in the house we’re about to sell; and we achieved – initially for the photos and house-viewings – a state of minimalism the place has hitherto never reached. And then kept on going. We’ve been car boot-saling, giving things away, eBaying, taking bags to charity shops… I intend to arrive at the new place with only bare essentials, and look forward to starting afresh. That said, inevitably a few new things have crept in here and there.

april 7Lucy and Maria, perturbed that I would no longer be a ready supplier of their wardrobe, have taken to going to jumble sales themselves. And then they tempted me to go with them. Happily, I have remained restrained; here are finds from a February outing to Horsted Keynes, a meagre assortment compared to their hauls. One navy-blue top (since car boot-saled – too short); lime-green mohair scarf (worn very regularly indeed with my grey coat – very  much find of the month); Alain-Fournier (I had a copy of this already, but in a print far too painfully small); black turtleneck with nice button detailing; and inevitably, a striped T-shirt, again with buttons around the neckline.

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