Pretty party frock

us_october3One thing I have been lacking, at least since the Summer of Great Expansion (too much desk-sitting, too much cake, too many barbecues, too little exercise), is a proper dress-up party frock. Going some way to redress the balance (sorry) is a embroidered black satin halterneck, £7 from the car boot sale at Brighton Marina. We won’t mention its appallingly large size, even by Monsoon standards. On the whole, I’d rather enjoy food and drinking and simply buy bigger dresses, but there is a threshold… Pressing this point further is Exhibit B, below: a nice plain navy-blue Nicole Farhi corduroy jacket (£5, also from the Marina boot fair). Had visions of wearing this on smart-casual work-type occasions, being also minus any jackets fitting this description these days, but while it slipped on easily enough in an on-the-spot test, upon second try at home it became very apparent that it was far too tight on the upper arms, and looked plainly ridiculous when buttoned-up.

Thankfully, with regard to Mistake Buys, Experiments and otherwise Far-Too-Random Purchases, I have been able to resort to both doing a car boot sale stall myself (very satisfying and really quite cathartic – thank you, Maria, for keeping me company) and to the very nice lady who runs a consignment boutique at Fiveways. To which a number of items went today, in the hopes that their sale will net me a good down-payment on a new winter coat. Yes, a new winter coat as unworn by anyone else: I have realised that in 25-odd years of adult life, I have never had one (indeed, as a kid/teen, many of my coats and jackets were secondhand too, my mother being an ardent Usual Shopper before me.) Given changing workplace-demands, for which non-vintage and a certain degree of grown-up-ness is necessary, I think it’s about bloody time I treated myself. It’s actually quite a scary prospect as I don’t think I have ever spent a three-figure sum on an item of clothing, either.


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