Things mostly only passing through my possession


Things to keep, things to distribute: a whole cache of young-teenage boy-sized trousers (H&M chinos in various colours, some Levis), an Adidas hoodie anorak and a Zara jumper, all 20p each from a jumble sale in Rodmell. Intended for L’s eldest boy, but S the Lodger, a similar size though some 20 years older (!) has bagged the jumper and the red trousers. Also found that day, slightly less satisfyingly: four jumpers including one useful plain navy fisherman-type, a more tunic-y merino wool navy one (which I promptly and stupidly shrank in what I thought was a cold wash), a wide-sleeved M&S beige-y number plus a glitter-infused stretchy one which I think is destined for M. Next picture: a black lace floaty skirt, labelled Salvatore Ferrogamo, a bit too tight, high-waisted and gothy for my liking. Not pictured: red sailing anorak and fluoro base layer top, to file under Useful Outdoors Things. IMG_0485


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