The Shoreham-by-Sea spree


Every so often, it’s good to do a full-scale girly day out charity-shopping, and an afternoon’s cycle-ride to Shoreham turned into a real spree (and we didn’t even get round all the shops before they closed and we had to collapse in a cafe for tea and cake). Two fine finds for me: a pair of grey boots (£6; they’re Sperry Topsiders, a brand-name new to me but seemingly with some history in the boating/deck shoe world, and whatever their provenance, exceedingly lightweight and comfortable) and a Hobbs A-line pleated denim skirt (£6.50). A modest haul compared with that of my partners-in-crime, who insisted on a show-and-tell; in addition to L’s red silk dress, they amassed a denim jacket, a black and gold glittery and stretchy dress, a very cheap ’80s short black coat, and a smart black woollen skirt with big mauve polka dots. We pedalled back to Brighton through the harbour, against the prevailing wind and with dusk rapidly setting in, panniers full to bursting.


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One thought on “The Shoreham-by-Sea spree

  1. Oh great finds! I’ve never heard of those boots either but they are fab! I do love a good charity shop rummage, so happy to have found your blog and look forward to seeing your future treasures!

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