A second jumble sale stash…


And I knew there was more… an out-of-order photograph from January which had slipped my attention. Finds I really had to fight for from a rather frantic and unfeasibly well-attended jumble sale in Ringmer – quite how so many people fitted into such a small hall I don’t know, but as I left, arguments had broken out – which was really not much fun (perhaps why I failed to upload this image at the time, having blanked out that afternoon in my mind). Anyway, the faded denim shirt (Hilditch & Keys, perfect fit) is a definite goer and has great potential for my summer wardrobe, being very lightweight and easy to wear; the hoodie (Primark) is going to L for her eldest boy; the embroidered Mexican dress is a project, possibly for cutting up and repurposing the embroidery in something else (there are damp-stains and other marks on the cotton); the vintage man’s dressing gown will surely find a home; and an extra pair of mittens (far superior to gloves, in my opinion, especially when hand-knitted) is always useful at this time of year, given my tendency to leave them in coat pockets, bags or the car.

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