A Usual Shop swap


Here’s a fairly typical Usual Shop story for you. Went to the tip in Hove to get rid of some garden rubbish (bear with me), had a quick look in the YMCA shop there, bought this small wicker sofa for the New Shed (sorry, Log Cabin) for £10. It had floral cushions with removable/washable covers, though I would have probably just put a throw over them. If the sofa had fitted through the front door, that is. Despite the best efforts of S the Lodger and next-door’s builder, there was no way we were going to get it through the house to the garden. So I had to tie it back onto the car’s roof rails again (the joys of owning a tatty old estate car) and return it; they didn’t do cash-back, but they offered me a credit note or a swap for something else priced at a tenner. Spied this blue Tanglewood dreadnought filthy dirty and broken-stringed in a corner, decided to rescue it and restring it; not my sort of guitar, but it’s turned out quite nicely, is not quite as cheap-sounding as I feared it might be, and I’m sure I can pass it onto someone. It takes up less space than a sofa, too.

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