Prints, plain and severe blackness


Highlights from jumble sales in Lindfield and Plumpton. Let’s start with the perennially useful: cardigans (30p each), one (M&S) large and grey but with nice button detailing up the sleeves, the other cheaper-quality and indeed, slightly tackier (George at Asda…) but really rather fun. I’m getting over my long-held aversion to animal print. Then we have blouses, x2: vintage silk Harrods pussy-bow (a good fit, but no, too Maggie Thatcher. Can’t quite deal with that), and a viscose patterned number for my granny (very pleased). The silk one took some washing but came up well in the end bar one small stain on the end of one trailing bow – dipped in a cup of tea, I suspect.

And the other acquisitions: Chinese-style patterned shift dress (too small); and two black skirts, one zipped and short and rather pleasingly tarty, the other ankle-length and maxi, of a sort of pleated-section stretchy construction. I’ve not worn anything this length in a long while, but might just give this a go. Strikes me as a sort of (very) cut-price Comme des Garcons sort of thing, underlining my long-held suspicion that, as I get older, I could end up looking like the poor woman’s Zaha Hadid. Being of similar ethnic origin/genetic stock, there’s a distinct resemblance developing, and especially when I wear things severe and black.


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