Equestrian leftovers and redistribution


This is not just a slightly abstract picture of a load of equestrian equipment. I think it’s fair to say that this heap of slightly mouldy, muddy stuff which has not seen the light of day in over a decade represents my teenage years. Anyway, it’s all been given away. All of it, including things not pictured – several large sackfuls of rugs, numerous bridles, grooming kit – has been distributed among horse-keeping friends. I hold out hope that I might see a few quid back on the five saddles – taken for trying-on around a large stableyard – but really, I’m just glad that everything has gone. I came to the decision quite a long time back that I’m highly unlikely to want to have a horse again, am barely even bothered about hopping onto someone else’s for the odd amble around the countryside, and therefore there was no point whatsoever in keeping it all – and the collapse/deconstruction of the garden shed in which it was all stored gave me the necessary kick to take action.

Even the shed itself, by the way, has also been given away (in its constituent parts and panels) to C & Andy, who are to reconstruct it at their place. (Here’s a picture of it in its former glory and position). All part of the grand, cathartic and ongoing mass decluttering (though the shed is to be replaced, by something larger, snazzier and more outdoor office-like), which has recently involved a couple of car boot stalls and much redirection of things to charity shops, recycling bins and the tip. I’ve also found that leaving neat boxfuls of things outside on the pavement on a Sunday afternoon (records, a bagful of retro hats, china and crockery, lately) is a remarkably efficient and effective method of redistribution.

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