DKNY dress

P1010434So nearly did I break my resolution to not buy any new clothes this year. The Cos sale beckoned, I have been in need of respectable-looking office-wear, and I just really fancied a slightly smarter dress to replace a few washed-out last-chancers only fit now for festivals. Yet, as ever, the Usual Shop did provide. DKNY grey/black shift with pleated skirt and stretchy black top, a perfect fit, as-new and a bargain £8 from the car boot sale at Brighton Marina. I’m not terribly amused by the fact that it’s dry-clean only, but anyway… It’s smart with a jacket over the top, presentable with a light cardigan, and I anticipate that I’ll more than get my money’s-worth out of this one. I’m by no means a label freak (as you well know), but I have to admit that it is very well-cut, of good materials, and indeed, demonstrates why designer label dresses do cost more than chain-store cheapies. A brownie point for the quality-versus-quantity argument.

Recent finds also providing exceedingly good value but on a utility note are two dead plain black cotton shirts (£2 each from a charity shop on Camden High Street, not pictured because I just can’t photograph black stuff and they don’t look in any way interesting). I think they’re uniform-issue for catering staff or waitresses, but have no logos, and serve their purpose – I’m wearing one most days over a vest at the moment whilst working from home in the hot weather.

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