Andy’s amp

P1010268In a very typical Usual Shop scenario, my friend Andy was helping one of his friends clear out a garage in the hope of snaffling a few unwanted bicycles and some tools. He came away with a free bass amp for me, a piece of kit which I was actually on the verge of buying new. It’s only a practice amp, but will do for what I need it for (yes, rehearsals, semi-acoustic gigs with the double bass, etc); and oddly, it actually also works really well with one of my guitars – which sounds better through this than through any other amplifier I’ve ever tried it with, including specialist amps designed specifically for acoustic guitars with pick-ups. The kind of unorthodox solution that I like. I don’t care about the physics and theory of why bass amps are bass amps and guitar amps are guitar amps, OK? All I know is that my particular old hollow-bodied archtop guitar needs a boost at the bottom end, its pick-up is poor at delivering this, most guitar amps make it either feed-back like crazy, or sound horribly thin, weedy or plinky, but through this amp, it just works.

It’s an elderly (but by no means ‘vintage’) Fender Frontman 15B, a name which does rather beg the question of whether Fender actually envisaged any female bass players wanting to use it. Not that I’d dream of buying any amp branded ‘Frontwoman’, of course, but really… Anyway, thank you Andy, you’re a star and I’m really pleased with it.

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