Slipping through the net #1













The combination of financial meltdown and then the subsequent necessary working at weekends has curtailed my Usual Shopping in recent months (cue the violins!). Still, a number of items have managed to slip through the net and merit the outlay of a few pounds here and there. D paid for his brown jacket, anyway – H&M, £3 from the car boot sale at Brighton Marina, and as ever, a perfect slim-fit on him. I bought him the polka-dot shirt (£3, charity shop in Shoreham) and the two scarves (£1 each, Brighton Marina boot fair). And the two party dresses (£2 each, ditto) as experiments, though neither fitted well in the end and are to be passed on to new keepers. The gold one was quite spectacular, but the red rose-patterned shift rather frumpy on me. Sarah M, Tamsin – any thoughts on reviving that clothes-swap plan?

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2 thoughts on “Slipping through the net #1

  1. I’d love to – have loads of stuff to get rid of – just name a date! x

    • The Driver on said:

      Let’s co-ordinate diaries at some point… Towards end of July/on into August more hopeful for me, very tied-up till then. Hope all good with you.

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