Cover-up coats


I have no idea why these images have uploaded sideways, and at this time of night, I really can’t be bothered to sort it out – you get the picture… Anyway, brown ‘teddy bear’ coat, with French label, 1960s, £3 from jumble sale at Plumpton (my only find there). It will replace a somewhat frumpy brown tweed (which came back to me after inital rejection) that has served the purpose of secondary coat this winter (one I wear when I wouldn’t risk dirtying a better one, i.e. for throwing on the floor at gigs, under the table in the pub, getting covered in bike-chain oil or indeed, for going to a jumble sale). And a male equivalent intended for D, though it has proven too large: a very sharp navy Austin Reed woollen overcoat. Brought to you, on this laptop, by the joys (or lack thereof) of Microsoft Paint, which may be why the pictures have uploaded arseways. 

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One thought on “Cover-up coats

  1. I like the sideways images, they are quirky.

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