Cute cups, and the oddments

usualshop 003usualshop 004usualshop 002usualshop 006Storrington, last Saturday; had never been to a jumble sale there before, so headed westwards for a change. Didn’t get – or spend – much, but am particularly pleased with these little espresso cups with birdies on (30p). Not that I drink espresso at home, but they’re headed for the Presents Box for someone who does. Little swirly-painted Cinque Ports Pottery vase (20p), a couple of picture frames (20p), a useful black purse-thing (20p) and a slightly faded black silk shirt (20p). Not a complete waste of time, then.

This week I have also gained a pair of pale blue Primark jeans (left behind on the boat by D’s niece, an unwanted purchase of her father’s which she was supposed to take back and exchange). However, D has pronounced that they are revolting – the words ’80s Canadian exchange student’ were mentioned, and I have been banned from wearing them in his presence for doing anything other than gardening or country walking (which is all I was going to keep them for anyway). No picture.

I have also been reassured by Maria that one of our mutual friends has outdone me on the striped top front – she counted up 40 in her collection. In comparison, I have a relatively modest 25. However, I did give some to our friend at the last clothes-swap party, so I am complicit in her accumulation…

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3 thoughts on “Cute cups, and the oddments

  1. tambamalam on said:

    Ha! I have 43 stripy tops! Actually only 2 of them are from you but always looking for more!

    • The Driver on said:

      Have you heard from Sarah M lately? We should revive the clothes-swap idea. I’m sure I can pass a few more stripey tops your way, if nothing else…

  2. tambamalam on said:

    Not much, but I’d love to do another one soon. Funnily enough I was just trying on some stuff that hasn’t fitted me for a while (have reclaimed *another* stripy top from the pile – so now at 44!) & putting aside the swapworthy stuff

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