The real teal

usualshop 018Is this colour known as teal? Or just dark turquoise? Either way, I have no intention whatsover of wearing both parts of this outfit at the same time, as it’s somewhat overwhelming. The dress, however, is a well-fitting classic cheongsam-style shift (might take the hem up a few inches), and the jacket is nicely-shaped as well, with good detailing – can imagine it over black. It’s a bit cod-Oriental, but the label (which looks ’80s) does suggest that this ensemble was actually made in Thailand; not sure I believe the claim of it as ‘silk’, though. Perhaps very cheap stuff, heavily treated and processed… Anyway, at £2 from the Lib Dems’ jumble sale at Ringmer, I’m not complaining. You have to hand it to them: whilst on a national level, the party’s dealing with serious allegations of assault, accusations of selling out and general incompetence, the Lewes-area lot manage to just carry on as usual putting on jumble sales (arguably what they’re best left to do). Again, I’m not complaining, because for all their political failings, the Liberal Democrats do do a good jumble sale.

More gains (50p each) from this one: a red and black Windsmoor tweed suit-set which I bought solely for the skirt, a pencil-shape with great black-buttoned detailing up the back-split (yep, too small, and the jacket’s very ’80s head-mistress); a black collarless Jaeger wool coat (possibly a bit too granny-ish, but could work; it’s in excellent condition and Has Potential); and a wide-lapelled grey jacket with black velvet collar and trim, which is actually rather good, but not quite right on me. All very ’80s, in a middle-aged ladyish kind of way; not necessarily a bad thing, on someone younger, but I’m wary as I don’t want to look like my school-teachers in that era. To me then, they seemed virtually ancient, but I now know they were probably not too far ahead of the age I am now. Will proceed with caution and accessorise carefully.

usualshop 019usualshop 017

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