Lucy’s loft clearance

usualshop 015So Maria and I helped Lucy clear her house of the remaining traces of her ex-husband, an undertaking which involved taking several car-loads of his discarded possessions to the tip (along with a fair amount of general rubbish we found up there at the same time). Well, he’d had a couple of years to come and collect his stuff, and Lucy needed to sort out the attic so she could get a roofer in. The temptation was resisted – though there was consideration – to go and dump everything on his new doorstep, but that would have been undignified, we decided. Anyway… it pains me to see things thrown away which would be of use to others, so I sidelined a few boxes of salvageable items for a charity shop, Maria took her fill, and inevitably, I came away with a fair amount too. Box files and plastic document envelopes, always useful; pencils and ink cartridges (not pictured); a wooden jewellery box (given to my brother’s partner, who likes traditional dark-wood furniture and knick-knacks); a nice old suitcase (which has cleaned up quite well, with stickers removed); a large swathe of embroidered fabric which was originally mine in the first place (also gone to my brother’s girlfriend, who plans to make cushion covers out of it); a strong khaki rucksack; and a pair of fireman’s overalls for D to wear when decorating/chopping wood/doing manly stuff. Also, a set of big black bike panniers (not pictured), though I may not keep these as (no offence, Lucy), they’re a bit tatty-looking and superfluously large for my rather smart new bicycle (gloat, gloat), which has instead received a small retro canvas Carradine pannier I already had. Any good to you, Maria?

Also on the clearance stakes, I should probably mention various charity shop finds of my mother’s which found their way to me over the Christmas period, including (not pictured) a pair of leopard-patterned wellies, a black denim skirt, a grey-blue denim skirt, some grey IKEA bowls, plus an assortment of baking dishes and kitchen utensils from my granny’s house, which are now Maria’s. I’m doing reasonably well at fending off stuff for my house and diverting it elsewhere, though not that well, as you can see.

usualshop 013usualshop 014usualshop 025

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