The chair saga continues…

P1000981…with the purchase of these two. They’re intended for the boat, as they’re high-backed, broad of seat and just about comfortable enough (with cushions) to sit in over the course of an evening. Now we can put the folding IKEA garden chairs out on deck for good… There’s not enough space to have sitting-at-table chairs and armchairs or loungers – the cabin’s only 6ft wide – and these will acceptably match the little drop-leaf table. They’re quite solid and sturdy – and somewhat cheap and clumsy-looking when viewed next to the far more elegant Ercol chairs in my household – but will do, at least until I find some more attractive examples at an affordable price (ain’t happening at the London end of my life). £20 the pair from the flea market on Upper Gardner Street, Brighton, plus another couple of quid for rubber stoppers to put on the feet to even them up. Did I ever mention how I love going to Dockerills in Brighton for that sort of thing? A proper old-fashioned ironmongers where you can go in, be vague about something and go out with the perfect tool for the job plus sterling advice on how to do it (also purchased: brush for sweeping the boat’s chimney, up the back of the Squirrel stove).

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