Excellent earthenware

P1000950P1000949P1000951P1000948You didn’t think a month could pass without my buying some pottery? This lot came from a jumble sale at Laughton, where I made the mistake of having a final root-through at the end when everything was reduced to 20 pence an item. Plates, bowls (some for plants), all useful. There were more, but I made a second mistake that day of failing to pack them securely and protectively in the boot of my car, and then driving rather too fast down the rutted and speed-bumped lane to Norman’s Bay (great barbecue courtesy of the lovely Nik of Secret Restaurant fame – cheers!). I seem to remember that there were some other finds that afternoon – a pink jumper, a couple of skirts, some trousers – but these got given away to fellow barbecue-goers and never made it back home. Nearly purchase of the day: a rather rusted vintage Dutch bicycle (£20), in need of too much repair-work. Nice-looking, though I am going to resist the temptation for a heavy single-speeder, however stylish – just not the thing for Brighton hills, nor for hauling up and down my front steps and through the house.

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