Booting call

usual shop august 019These quite ridiculous boots called me across the expanse of car park at Brighton Marina and begged me to buy them (it ain’t called a car boot sale for nuthin’). And they were only £3. I have, in the week or so that they have been mine, worn them onstage and to a wedding – an informal outdoors event in a field, the groom a member of a bluegrass/American roots-folk-type band, so not entirely inappropriate – and have already evoked green-eyed jealousy in many, not least my onetime DJ-ing pardner, fellow Banjo Widow and comrade-in-cowgirl-crime ‘Calamity’ Kim (so ner, Kim, if you’re reading this). And don’t you get any ideas about snaffling them just yet either, dear bandmate Maria. I think I may have to pick my occasions for showing them off, however, as I wouldn’t want anyone to mistake me for a line-dancer (dear Lord, no).

Not a bad week or two for the Usual Shop, then, and some fine finds and gains. I did also get to another jumble sale at Plumpton, from which I can add a £2 Barbour jacket (of the classic conservative countryperson variety, not a trendy belted/quilted modern-day one), a checked flannel shirt for my friend C, a cafetiere, a stainless steel container for toothbrushes, and a pair of ‘twisted’ jeans D doesn’t want. The Barbour’s lost to the depths of my car boot under a heap of camping stuff right now, and the rest wasn’t worth photographing. It all pales into significance compared to the far more exciting fake fur and these boots, anyway.

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4 thoughts on “Booting call

  1. Snazzy boots. That is something I would do, buy first worry about when and where I’d wear them later.

  2. oh my! they are beauties alright! delighted they are adorning your feet and i shall restrain my envious glances to once in a blue moon. hurry up and get bored of them already though….. ;)

  3. The Driver on said:

    Hmm… given that they appear to have quite seriously crippled my feet after sustained wearing, my enthusiasm has begun to dim… Too large, too high, too pointed, and as D has pointed out, perhaps a bit too Mighty Boosh as well.

  4. Too Mighty Boosh?! He secretly wnts them for himself, I tell you…

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