Cups and camo

usual shop august 012Other gains from last week: the pretty and the practical. First up, a number of little Meakin cups and saucers, the remainder of a set owned by my granny; I’m sure she still has the milk jug somewhere, though I think the teapot is long-gone. These were due to go to Matthew for the community cafe, but couldn’t get them to him in time (did find him a number of very cute Staffordshire mugs and a couple more teapots at the Plumpton jumble sale last week, passed on the same afternoon without a chance to photograph them). Not quite sure what I’ll do with them now…

usual shop august 011And the practical: waterproof jacket, £20 from the Bunker, a basement-dwelling army surplus store in Gloucester Road, Brighton. I was off to play at a festival last weekend, the weather was looking dubious, and I couldn’t stand another evening in soggy tweed. Didn’t want to look like a middle-aged hiker so went the military route; this jacket is ex-RAF, apparently, as issued to aircraft and helicopter inspectors. Somehow, given its former use, I found it quite amusing that one of the pockets was filled with Quality Street wrappers (the sweet of choice during a long night at the air base?). And yes, it does appear to be properly waterproof in tests so far. I do like a bit of army surplus, as you well know, though I’m glad I resisted the urge to go for a fluoro Italian military police anorak.

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