Textured tweed

usual shop 008This is half an old Aquascutum coat, chopped into a waistlength jacket, but done well by a woman with considerable skills as a seamstress. £5 from the car boot sale in the Waitrose car park, Lewes, on the same morning as the table purchase and vast collection of coffee-making kit (see below). I love the thick and textured herringbone weave, the many different colours incorporated, and the heavy Sherlock Holmes-style shoulder flaps. It’s also exceedingly warm and even quite waterproof, as I found on a cold, wet afternoon/evening at the Uncivilisation festival (played a gig by candlelight in front of a fire, in a barn to a wonderfully attentive audience. Lovely atmosphere, great sets by a number of other artists & singer-songwriters).

Anyway, back to the finds of the day: a new scarf to add to my collection (50p, boot sale at Brighton Racecourse) and a cravat for D (ditto). Less successful: dark purple Topshop shift dress, £3 (Brighton Racecourse). Feels nasty and cheap, and has the usual problem of a too-high waist; too short in length, as well.

usual shop 007usual shop 009

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