Monster haul #6









And finally bringing to a close the purchases from last week: three coats, none of which, in the end, we have kept. Funny how, a few days later, the enthusiasm for a find can wear off. First up, a very splendid vintage fireman’s coat, thick navy blue wool with all its original buttons (rare). It’s beautifully cut, with vents and pleats at the back, but sadly, is unflatteringly large on me, and D refuses to wear it on the grounds that he thinks it makes him look like a Libertine (big L, of the musical variety, a resemblance he is too old, and too ginger, to pull off. Mind you, he looks younger, slimmer and healthier than Pete Doherty, nonetheless).

Next up, brown tweed Alexon lady-coat (£5 from the Lindfield jumble sale), which is unfairly frumpy on me (told you I can’t do tweed) despite having a nice cape-style cut and interestingly puffed/gathered sleeves. Finally, a lovely baseball jacket (’80s repro rather than original ’50s, but I guess that counts as vintage these days). D has decided that this is “too fashionable” for him. Classic item or boy-band flash-in-the-pan? It’s a toss-up. The latter and the fireman’s jacket were £20 for the pair, Brighton Marina car boot sale, plus the hour-plus I spent steam-cleaning them (they were both filthy and crumpled). All now delivered to selected Brighton & Hove vintage clothing establishments.


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