Boots and bags

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My light brown Terra Plana ‘Janis’ boots (right of picture) have finally come to the end of their viable lifespan: their soles have worn through and the cobbler can do no more for them. Made using recycled materials in the first place, they may live on, however – I’ve cut out the red fabric inserts for patchwork or something, and the rest of the boots have gone in the shoe recycling bin. And to take their place, I found this rather nice flat-heeled grey-green leather pair in the Oxfam on Western Road (£9.99). That’s recycling, too. Must keep an eye on that shop – Sarah M (with whom I am hatching some plans for another clothes-swap party, ladies) has found some quite fantastic tweedy two-piece suits in there lately.

Other gains of last week have come courtesy of my mother, who has been having some attempt at a turn-out: four bags, plus a black beret she found for me in a charity shop. I’m keeping the most satchel-like of the bags, but Lucy, is the little nylon rucksack any good to you?

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One thought on “Boots and bags

  1. Always worth a look….

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