Excellent Ercol (3)

usual shop 003Or at least, a very convincing imitation thereof; think this coffee table is the real deal though. £10 from the Brighton Marina car boot sale, and the first furniture find of 2013. It’s slightly tatty around the edges, as you’d expect for the price, but I’m not bothered by that – means I’m less precious about plonking hot cups of tea down on it and soforth. And I’m sure it won’t be long before the entire surface disappears under a weight of Stuff, anyway. However, I am operating a strict one-in-one-out policy on pieces of furniture, and have sold the pair of Ercol armchairs (see below). Lovely as they were, they took up a lot of space and no-one ever sat in them – we rarely have more than one or two guests at any one time and they proved somewhat superfluous. T, I hope you’re liking them – they certainly looked just right in your place.

Did I ever tell you how much I like a man in a plaid shirt? (Oh yes). Am trying to get D to try on this warm woolly blankety number, probably 1950s; £5 from the St Vincent de Paul charity shop in Lewes Road (can’t walk past that one when I’m in the area). And my other find of the week: one very dirty, scuffed and scraped Mercedes-Benz wheel trim, found on the pavement by Hove Lawns. It doesn’t completely match the set of three currently remaining on my car, but it’s the right size and looks near enough like ’em to be better than a bare wheel hub.

usual shop 004usual shop 001

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