Selling, scavenging

Picture 083On the plus side of the great de-cluttering mission, I have rehomed a number of items of clothing, crockery and general bric-a-brac thanks to a weekend at the Phoenix Gallery and the ever-fun Art Junky Fair. Made enough money for it to be worthwhile, went home with less stuff – a positive result all round. A fair number of my wares went home with Sarah M (pictured), however – she is now the proud latest custodian of my old friend Fish. A swap with Matthew involving his share of the stall-hire money, some scarves and some Midwinter plates resulted in my gaining a pair of rather lovely vintage Ray-Bans. And Sarah also gave me an unsold leather patchwork pencil case/toiletries bag, but at least my gains are both small and useful.

Other gain of the last few weeks: an IKEA bookshelf from my next-door neighbour (a swap for a wicker log-basket to go by her new stove), and I am eyeing up the rather nice kitchen cabinets which have been thrown out onto her front porch (she has builders in as well). Do not need them, but can’t bear to see them go to the tip…

Picture 086

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One thought on “Selling, scavenging

  1. excellent swap on the raybans! i found a pair exactly like that, with case, under my seat at the Duke of Yorks last time i visited. they looked amazing on me in a way that shades never do, but i handed them in anyway like a good citizen . have been regretting it ever since…..

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