Best of the rest

The finds, gatherings and general gains of the last two weeks have been sorted, redistributed and offered up to my circle of Usual Shop friends (you know who you are; to anyone else reading this, I’m afraid that this is a personal offline thing that we’ve got going on, though you’re of course welcome to follow its progress should you be so interested). But ladies, I’m going to get strict – if you want something, you have to comment here… it’s an interactive process and I ain’t going to shift it to F******k at this stage, been here at WordPress far too long now to change my ways.

Here’s a best-of-the-rest round up from the last week or so. From jumble sale at Plumpton: black wrap-around Zara jumper with sequinned details on the sleeves; a pair of small fluffy ’50s-style hand-knitted tank-tops (more mohair! Very cute); tweed skirt with front kick-pleats (gone to Lucy already); Primark polka-dot skirt; female-friendly Fred Perry polo top; vintage silk waistcoat and cotton petticoat (gone to the dressing-up box at the museum); plus a stray navy cardigan found a few weeks ago in Lindfield with very fine gold buttons and epaulettes.

The star find, for me, is probably the Primark skirt, though I may take its tacky plastic heart-shaped buttons off; it’s very short, but as it’s a size too big, it hangs off my hips to a decent length. I’m liking the Zara jumper, too, though my hand-washing skills have left it with rather long over-stretched sleeves.

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One thought on “Best of the rest

  1. Playing by the rules (I know when I am on to a brilliant thing….) I am LOVING the new Motel skirt and have worn the tweed to work already. Smart and flippy.
    Best of the recent donations has to be the Envy mustard skirt with the split. Looks great with the vintage riding boots.

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