The colourful and the conservative

Further finds of the last couple of weeks: two rather daringly colourful (for me) dresses. And no, I’m not going to wear the orange linen one (Wallis, £2 from Brighton Marina car boot sale), though more because it’s not a flattering shape – baggy over the wrong bits  – than because it’s bright. The petrol-green shimmery ’60s shift with sleeves (£5, Kit Wilson animal charity shop, Shoreham) is a much better fit, and has long-term potential in my wardrobe.

And on a pale-and-interesting note, two silk M&S blouses, £1 each from different stalls at the Marina market, and part of my ever-continuing attempts to Dress Like A Grown-Up. These two have a certain vintage air to them, which makes the task a little easier, though I’m still not sure what I’d wear them with. A black pencil skirt, perhaps? And I’m also unsure what I’d wear them for, considering that my daily working wardrobe currently consists of vest, bikini top, the ancient denim skirt I usually wear for gardening, flip-flops and, if necessary, the most hole-y of my leggings which are not fit for actually going out in. Other finds (not pictured): bagful of books, 20p each, from the Secret Animal Charity Shop somewhere in Sussex (you know where it is, friends).

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