Blouses, blues, brave colours and an inevitable new black jacket

A rather eclectically unexpected haul from last week’s jumble sale in Ringmer, and something for (nearly) everyone. Electric blue shift dress, cheapo-feeling New Look but a good fit once on; orange striped T-shirt (oh yes); over-large grey long-sleeved T-shirt, all useful, all worn already.  Left: two old lady-ish but curiously contemporary-looking blouses, again better on, one silver-grey Alexon number (given to my mother) and the other fuchsia pink (a keeper). General rule of thumb: if I put something on, look in the mirror and see my mother, I give that item of clothing to her. I’m in no hurry to look exactly like her though as the years progress, the resemblance is inevitably growing. Not pictured: two Top Shop vests (blue, dusty pink, both somewhere in the laundry mountain); black silk handkerchief-hemmed Monsoon skirt (impossible to photograph properly); navy blue velvet ’70s maxi skirt with ruffled hem (ditto). Oh, and a pile of Doctor Who magazines for Joe T (aged nine) plus a couple of novels. Not a bad afternoon’s work, total spend about £6 and a few items already passed on to Maria and Lucy.

And if that weren’t enough, my grandmother has given me a navy blue cardigan/jacket with gold buttons ( good with a short skirt, boots and, of course, a striped T shirt) and, delving into a very dubious pile of house-clearance rags at the Brighton Marina car boot sale, I came up with a very cute cropped black jacket (£2), probably of  ’60s vintage, with an excellent line of black buttons and bracelet-length sleeves.

Also from my grandmother: my grandfather’s old striped Civil Service scarf; two more from her fabric box and two woollen berets. Pictured here with more miscellaneous scarves (mostly since rehomed already – cheers, Maria) from jumbling.

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