Dress with potential

This crumpled old-lady dress looks like nothing-on-earth as it is in this shot, but I have plans for it. I’m going to take out the shoulder pads, shorten the sleeves to elbow-length, and wear it with a thick black belt or sash to give it a waistline. It looks alright over black leggings and I like the material (not real silk, but very lightweight and not too synthetic-feeling). £4 from a house-clearance stall at Brighton Marina car boot sale, so a cheap experiment.

Other gains of the week: four Habitat mugs, which match the remaining few I already have from this set (£1, Brighton Marina car boot sale), and a sweet little coffee table/storage unit for the conservatory, given to me by C along with a carful of logs for the wood-burner (stocking up for next winter now) and some tomato plants. She tried to palm me off with an old sofa, which could have gone in the shed if it were not full of wood, old bicycles, excess furniture and other crap, but I declined on the basis that turning the shed into a garden office/summerhouse/outdoor living room is highly unlikely at any point soon. I have, however, arranged to give her three large wooden stools and a load of excess trellis, which I hope is to mutual benefit.

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