Return fixture #2









These brown wooden chairs (“made in Czechoslovakia”; no known brand-name) were first known to me at the family home in the mid-’80s; “from some some discount factory-seconds shop in Haywards Heath”, says my mother, helpfully. They’ve since been moved around various storage facilities and garages, and served in several friends’ houses with the proviso that if they were ever unwanted, I’d get first refusal on having them back. So here they are, returned from Maria just in time to seat an invasion of in-laws this weekend. They never looked right in any of my previous houses or in earlier iterations of this living room, but their dark brown wood – my original objection – actually works quite well now against these floors and with the current dining table. Cheers, Maria! Glad I never completely got rid of them. They probably now even count as vintage.

Other household gains this week: two woollen rugs (car boot sale finds from my mother), as I really do need to pension off the manky old sheepskins. Plus striped New Look T-shirt with gold buttons, and dark grey/blue vest, 50p each from a very nice girl at the Brighton Marina car boot sale. I’m doing well with useful items again, and am congratulating myself on a slowdown in frivolous, superfluous purchases. A strategy which could go horribly wrong very soon, of course…

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