Swishing and swapping (round two)

Had a load of ‘points’ left over from the previous MySwish clothes-swap, so went back for a second round on Sunday afternoon to see what I could find. Not as large an attendance as last time (not surprisingly, given the beautiful sunny weather), and not as high a standard of ‘donations’, but a lower count of professional eBayers looking for things to sell and sweeping up armfuls of the best stuff and anything with a designer/desirable label on it. Didn’t find much for myself this time, but I’ve been invited to several more amongst-friends clothes swaps and swishes this month, so I’ve got some more collaterol, and anything else otherwise unwanted can go into the ever-growing car boot sale bag and at least make me back the £8 it cost to get in. Leftover clothes from the event and 10% of ticket sales go to charity, anyway, so it was all in a good cause.

Best find was probably the pretty little turquoise vintage jacket with large buttons, which no-one else seemed to want and which was looking lonely on the rail at the end. The two strapless frocks (cheap High Street brands) are quite fun too, though the black one with puffball hem is missing its sash (I have a bagful of sashes, ribbons and dressing gown belts to rectify that situation). The two ’80s coat-dresses – I have a home in mind for these – are amusing; the checked one’s another Aquascutum item (see below), the sort of thing my posher teachers used to wear, and I swear we once had curtains in exactly the same fabric as the lighter striped one (nice neck detail on this).

Below, a mustard sleeveless American Apparel polo neck (might be useful, with cardigan), an East linen dress (thinking about chopping this to knee-length) and a Debenhams gingham shirt (for one of the girls at the next swish I’m going to). My friend E, also there on Sunday, picked up the similarly checked cropped trousers (see earlier post) I’d donated, with the same aim – and probably the same person – in mind. Not pictured: black batwing-sleeve Primark cardigan, and a two-piece silk Monsoon outfit, both temporarily lost into the laundry pile. The latter is probably irreparably food-stained though I shall have a go with the Stain Devil, which has proved successful for me lately on a few nasty greasy marks on silk.

Of my gains from last time, the best has turned out to be the very tight black H&M pencil skirt. It takes nearly forever to squeeze and wiggle inside it, but once I’m in, it’s good…

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