Tweed, and other textiles

Last Saturday was the kind of bumper jumble sale day out which was almost up to the standards of The Golden Age, Halcyon Days Of Youth, etc. The riposte to claims that  “ah, jumble sales aren’t as good as they used to be”, “oh, you never find anything decent these days”, and so on and soforth. In a foray around the smaller villages of the Ashdown Forest region, I came back with a veritable car-load of treasure. Well, not quite a car-load, given the gratuitously large size of my car (must trade down soon, before the price of petrol rises even further and whilst it’s still running well…) but you get the picture. Tweed riding jacket, 30p and in excellent condition; pair of William Morris-patterned linen curtains (50p; Sanderson fabric, I think); three pairs of very pretty, silky-feel cottagey floral curtains (£5 the lot, and in excellent condition). All the curtains are too short for my windows – I had hopes for the birdy WM ones – but I’m sure I can find them a home.

In lower pictures: Bloke’s Sergio Tacchini zip-up sweater (for that ’80s casual look); spotted bow-tie for D; striped vest (has a bleach-mark on it, but useful for layering); blue paisley-ish scarf; Burberry tweed wide-legged trousers (a bit too small, but worth hanging onto in case I can drop a size over the summer); navy blue knife-pleat skirt identical to those in American Apparel right now, though I suspect that it’s old-lady issue. Not sure I can bring myself to wear the latter – that fine line between vintage-look and granny clothes – but will experiment, as you can with 20p purchases.

The haul also included a pair of lightweight, stretchy black M&S cotton jeans, to be cut into clam-diggers, and a fluffy brown Per Una long cardigan, which I have given to Lucy as I really didn’t need another Working From Home Jumper.


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