Chairs and coats – too many of both

Things I didn’t need, #5643: a very large and well-upholstered swivel armchair, donated by my parents. To be fair, I have loved this exceedingly comfortable Parker Knoll number (covered in velour by my mother herself, once the cream leather underneath split) for many years, and I spent many happy hours reading in it as a child. It was my father’s favourite chair, and also that of the wonderful Black Cat (RIP), and was much fought-over in our household. My father is now finding it a bit of a struggle to get up out of a chair so low, and well, I couldn’t face taking it to the tip. I just wish it wasn’t quite so big, and so brown.

Second not-quite-necessary gain of the week (below): a sheepskin-lined canvas Swedish army coat, £20 from the Brighton Racecourse car boot sale. D has one of these, and they are the warmest, cosiest coats you can  imagine, though they weigh an absolute ton over the shoulders. Oh, and this week I also gained (not pictured) a cast-off PC via my brother, and seven plain large T-shirts plus a huge bolt of navy-blue fabric from my grandmother. So much for de-cluttering.


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2 thoughts on “Chairs and coats – too many of both

  1. Johannes on said:

    Hi! I would love to buy it if your interested:)
    send me an email:

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