Marvellous mustard

I’m probably rather late to the block-colour party, and by now mustard yellow may well be over as well, but I thought I’d give this a go. Silky-feeling Warehouse vest top, £1 from car boot sale at Brighton Marina, weekend before last. And a recommendation: went to the boot fair at Brighton Racecourse for the first time in ages that week, and this was far better  than I remembered it’d been. Looks as if a lot of the house-clearance traders are now selling there instead of the Marina and BHASVIC, and there were some interesting boxes of old clothes and accessories to sort through. It’s a much more civilised start than at the Marina, too: keen bargain-hunters and dealers can go in early (from 9-ish) for £2, or it’s 50p after 10.30am. A new Sunday destination.

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2 thoughts on “Marvellous mustard

  1. Thats interesting, Last time we went to the racecourse we were sorely disapointed and havent gone back. May give it another try as its the house clearance guys where we find our inspirations (old dolls houses, fully toys, photo albums etc)

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