Baskets and breakables

Assorted items gleaned from the Lewes area week before last: two wicker baskets, £3 the pair from a ludicrously over-crowded tabletop sale in Ripe (wrongly advertised as a jumble sale, hence shock when a price of £30 was asked for a tatty waxed jacket); green glazed cooking dish with handle and brown stoneware butter dish, jumble sale later that afternoon in Ringmer (see below); a ’60s harmonica tutorial with great photos of rural America in the ’30s and ’40s (£1 from Oxfam). Plus a tall white jug (Royal Winton), £1.50 from the Sunday car boot at Brighton Marina. The jug’s now holding my Valentine’s flowers from D (he had the harmonica book in return), the baskets are full of scarves, gloves, hats and ties, the green dish is in the bathroom and filled with soaps and other oddments, and D managed to break the butter dish just two days into its service. Oh well.

Latest finds from last weekend, jumble sale in Sayers’ Common: two large stoneware mugs (50p), pale blue denim button-through M&S skirt (30p), lambswool tartan scarf and a greenish riding jacket (£3).

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