Even more random acquisitions

Two things which make me very happy. Green Hunter wellies, cast-offs from my mother, which will replace the worn-out pair I finally had to throw away earlier this year. Mind you, I had owned them and worn them regularly for around 20 years, and I’m not convinced they were even new when I got them. My mother has found herself a smart black pair at a car boot sale, and thus passed these on to me; I prefer the green, anyway. Given that I thought my feet were a couple of sizes bigger than hers, I’m pleasantly surprised that these fit me.

Mercedes bonnet badge, to replace the one snapped off my car by some horrid little scroats a while back; might smarten the old car up a bit, anyway. I was going to buy one of these on eBay but then a friend of mine was scrapping some old Mercs – long story, but they were used and smashed up in the making of a TV show – and snaffled me this. And making me even happier about my car, I now at last have a replacement key for it. Contrary to the unequivocal statement from my local dealership a few months back – guess I spoke to someone who really couldn’t be bothered to deal with the owner of an old car – Mercedes-Benz does still supply factory keys for the W124-series cars, ready-programmed to deactivate the immobiliser. At a price, mind you (£195, but worth it to, well, be able to use the car again). Ouch.

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