Sunday afternoon slouch

To call the small, mouldy space at the back of the house a “conservatory” would rather glorify it, though I seem to remember that this was the term used by the estate agent. It’s a bike storage area, potting shed, where we keep the recycling boxes, and a general dumping ground, but there is – just about – enough space for a couple of chairs, a tiny table (old pine stool found out on the street, painted) and a rug, and it’s quite a pleasant place to relax with a G&T on a summer’s evening, or to slouch with the papers on a Sunday afternoon. You just have to look out at the garden and not at the stuff.

We were lacking comfortable chairs since the demise of a nice ’70s chrome-framed pair, however – a problem now solved by the arrival of these two. £5 the pair from the Sunday market at Brighton Marina, and their being lightweight bamboo, we even managed to cycle home with them on the backs of our bicycles. Bamboo armchairs. A conservatory. How middle-aged are we?

On another note entirely: there’s a gallery of some of my photos from the Vintage @Southbank Festival posted at Vintage Brighton. As you can probably guess, I didn’t buy anything whilst I was up there – prices well beyond the Usual Shop threshold – but I enjoyed the spectacle.

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