Skates and shoes

A last-minute stop-off at a jumble sale in Ditchling last weekend, and well worth the detour on my way home. Two pairs of vintage shoes for my smaller-footed friends, plus classic ice-skates: the blades can be easily unscrewed to release a pair of pretty white Edwardian-style high-laced boots. Too small for me, sadly.

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2 thoughts on “Skates and shoes

  1. nice footwear! if those skates are a size 6 and unclaimed i will home them for you. the shoes call to me also….hello shoes!

    • The Driver on said:

      The skates were tiny… They’ve gone to a lady for ‘interior decor’ – to appear at a skating-themed cafe or bar near us shortly, perhaps. At the hotel they’re building at the old ice rink near the Clock Tower? The black heels are about a 4, I think, but the gold ones are a bit bigger – I’ll put them on one side for you.

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