Crazy frock

I’ve long had a tradition of wearing a crazy dress when we host a party. Had earmarked this silk-effect one for New Year’s Eve – but am now chickening out. Bought this a couple of weeks ago – £10 from Brighton Marina car boot sale – and it is a fine example of the mis-match between expectation and reality. It fits me – actually rather well – but makes me look utterly insane. I think it’s the bizarre combination of a Liberty-style peacock feather pattern and the pale blue-grey quilting, the flared-out skirt and the high neck; it’s super-Seventies, but not in a good way. I just can’t see how I can make it work (short of being 15 years younger and significantly further away from becoming a mad old cat lady) so sadly, it’s destined for a return trip to the boot sale. And what will I wear for New Year’s Eve now? How do I possibly top last year’s party dress and maintain any dignity whatsover?

PS: Reader, I wore it. If you can’t wear a crazy dress and look like a madwoman in your own home on New Year’s Eve, then when can you? But I am wearing only black for all of January in style penance, and my resolution has been to purge my wardrobe of (most) pattern.

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