Soldiering, Swedish style

Trust the Swedes to have well-designed, warm army jackets. This one (‘Mats Larsson’, says the label) has a full sheepskin inside the waterproofed khaki cotton, the thickest, fluffiest high neck, and overlapping lapels and panels to ensure no Arctic wind blows in. D bought it – after much deliberation – for £40 at the Brighton Marina car boot sale on a bitterly icy morning, and has smugly noted the jealous glances this week since.  It’s even snugger than his sheep-lined leather Russian submariner’s coat, and that’s saying something.  I want one now too.

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6 thoughts on “Soldiering, Swedish style

  1. Hi,

    I have one of these too that I bought from a car boot sale in Brighton about 12 years ago…£15 if I remember rightly. It has served me very well, especially this winter just gone – optimistic.
    However, with our most recent winters it’s stayed in the loft as the weather just hasn’t been cold enough.
    I love it and also feel quite smug during a very cold patch!

  2. The Driver on said:

    Brighton people – there is one for sale at Immediate Clothing in Sydney Street at the moment. It’s identical to the one pictured in this post, and is in excellent condition. It’s mine, I found it a few weeks ago but came to the conclusion that it’s ridiculously large for me: . Takes up too much room in the wardrobe, too… It’s up for sale at the regular shop-price for one of these but the guys in Immediate may be open to negotiation.

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