Sheepskin and tweed

The awful weather put paid to the car boot sales this weekend, and we didn’t make it to a jumble sale, but C and I did go to The Secret Animal-Rescue Charity Shop, where everything is little more expensive than at a jumble and laid out in a series of interconnecting rooms  filled to the ceiling with a very random mix of trash and treasure. She came out with picture frames, a red linen skirt, a couple of cotton tops, plant pots and a large painted wooden cut-out of a mallard duck (don’t ask) for the grand total of £8. I bought D a single-button tweed suit with excellent pleated-front 1940s-style spiv trousers (£3) and for myself, a 1970s sheepskin coat with fantastically fluffy lambswool collar (£4).

I’ve bought and  then sold  so many coats like this over the years, mostly scruffy, ill-fitting or just plain inappropriate at the time, but this  is quite the best yet and thus probably a keeper. Sadly, I found the suit was pretty manky once I got it out of the dingy shop and saw it in daylight, but I’d have happily paid £7 for the coat alone, and the tweed may come up OK yet under Ian’s steam-cleaner.

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